Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jenelle&Nathan's Relationship POF? GAY? MTV SETUP?

See Nathan's Plenty of Fish Dating profile (still active), first Facebook conversations & more.
           We all know Jenelle cannot be single for long, so it wasn't a surprise when she introduced the Twitter world to her new boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. However, it also wasn't long before people began pulling up his past and questioning their entire relationship. Questionable photos have been circulating Twitter doubting his sexuality. Many claim he played a role in gay porn. People have gone so far to ask if MTV is setting up the entire thing to portray Jenelle in a positive light for the next season. 
              Supposedly the two bought a house together, which ended up being a big fat lie. A few people on Twitter found the house listing and discovered it was still on the market and was listed for rental, not purchase. Once their lie was exposed they made up a story about how the HOA wouldn't let them film there, so they got their money back. (Uh...huh...) Anyway, they supposedly bought another house. Not really sure how Jenelle could even move into a new place without MTV's help due to her track record of never staying in the same place for more than a few months...but again who knows?

      On Monday's UStream, a viewer asked how they met. They both stated they met on plenty of fish. Supposedly Jenelle talked to him first (because his dogs were cute) & Nathan had no idea who she was. This is to go against any question of Nathan simply looking for fame. In fact, when he did find out who she was, he stopped talking to her. However, after a bit, they fell hard and fast. She almost immediately moved out of state with him, and 'bought' a house.
          Anyway. Here is a screen shot of his POF profile, which still seems to be active. The actual profile can be found: here. He claims to have an Associates Degree and is a Personal Trainer. A little different story than Jenelle's description of his job where he "Sells things." Here is a screenshot of their first Facebook conversation together.
"I put something sweet on here first but really I would love to take a girl out who is just as compassionate about winning as I am and movitvated as well and take them rock climbing, sky diving or just playing a sport joking around but keeping in the back of our heads about winning." - Nathan's idea of a first date.

So, on this one I'm not really sure. It seems a little convenient, but the POF profile makes sense, their Facebook conversation makes sense. However, why is his online dating profile still active if he's found his soulmate? So is it fake or not? 

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Your Twitter thoughts so far:
"MTV induced I dunno just weird how NG magically falls out of the sky around filming. Have you seen their latest ustream. Can't be real.....Oh...Wait.....Maybe real fucked up" - @nottaberry

"I think he's an ignorant douchebag who has a bad past & is trying to hide it." - @barbiedollkeri

" I think MTV set them up for filming to make it appear that she is "doing better" & found a new man. But a new man isn't going to help her get her son back. She'll never get him back unless she ACTUALLY gets sober & stops putting dick before her son."- @AilaElise

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